Tablets Top Holiday Shopping Lists (Infographic)

It’s hard to believe that barely a few years ago, now commonplace tech gadgets like tablets had yet to be truly embraced by consumers. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that tablets and other popular tech treats such as wearables, fitness gear, and more were too small to be tracked by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). 

Fast-forward to now—for the 2014 holiday season, the technology times sure have changed. Don’t believe me? Just check out our brief infographic, below, in which we’ve compiled some eye-opening data from the CEA that demonstrates just how much shoppers are thinking about stuffing their stockings with technology this year:

For more insights, be sure to read the full press release from the Consumer Electronics Association.

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My Favorite Accessory

Even living in the bitter cold hills of Alfred, a girl has to worry about her outfit and sometimes a big bulky backpack just doesn’t cut it. When opting for the purse to carry my books to class, often there just isn’t enough real estate for my laptop, so of course I reach for my iPad!

My iPad armed with Parallels Access is always the perfect accessory to my outfit. From meetings with professors, traveling to distant offices on campus, and preparing for group projects, Parallels Access always comes through, ensuring I have exactly what I need without the hassle of a laptop.

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Plus, how cool is it to have your entire desktop on an iPad? Talk about a conversation piece!

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3D Coming Soon to a Tablet Near You

Tablets and all other kinds of mobile devices are evolving quickly. Bigger phones, thinner phones, better cameras, more storage. Some even have 3-D sensors!

Google’s Project Tango tablet, announced at Google I/O this past June, shows us what may be the next big thing in tablets: 3-D sensors and the ability to create 3-D models. While the new gadgets are available only to developers right now, they have shown up on Google Play.

The combo of 3-D sensors and cameras makes for some pretty cool stuff, like the ability to create this image when the device is carried up some stairs:

Image courtesy of Kurt Wagner, Mashable.

Image courtesy of Kurt Wagner, Mashable.

What would you create if you could get your hands on one of these? Tell us in a comment!

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iPad Photography: Silly or Here to Stay?

We’ve all seen them: iPad photographers, the ‘uncool’ iOS lovers who’d rather hold up a tablet to snap a selfie rather than submit to buying a run-of-the-mill digital camera (or, you know, using the smartphone that’s likely in their pocket).

Image courtesy of iPad Insight.

Image courtesy of iPad Insight.

Believe it or not, while this photo-friendly group used to consist of middle-aged dads uncaring of whether or not they were embarrassing their tween kids, the group of iPad photographers has grown. So much so, in fact, that Apple thinks photography is just another selling point for the iPad. The question is…why?

Two words: larger screen.

Think about it—when you use a traditional camera, you’re putting your eye up to a small viewfinder to see the scene you’re about to shoot, or looking at a small screen on your camera or smartphone. In comparison, the iPad’s sizable screen offers a lot more visual real estate for previewing your shot. Add outstretched arms into the mix when snapping a shot with your iPhone and you start to see why users might prefer a larger screen, despite the fact that their smartphone or digital camera might offer higher-quality photos. 

Additionally, a larger screen allows for easier editing. While a smartphone may limit users to an Instagram filter with a few tweaks, an iPad screen provides a much larger canvas for touchscreen edits. Using Parallels Access, you can even tap into your home PC to use full-featured photo-editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. 

Despite the silliness factor, people are pleased with the fact that when taking photos using an iPad, they get a better user experience and an easier time editing photos. So, is this the future of photography? Maybe—one thing’s for sure, at least Dad looks a little less dorky, and a little more hip. 

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It Isn't Magic, Just Easy: Right or Left-Click on Your Tablet with Parallels Access

As a student, I like feeling a sense of familiarity when using new techanother reason I'm a fan of Parallels Access.

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