Parallels Access Adds Greater Flexibility and 11 languages with Version Update


With the launch of version 1.1, Parallels Access makes working from anywhere even easier – and more cost-effective -- than before. The new version offers more features and improvements to #applify PC and Mac applications and access them from your iPad, with the native iOS gestures you know and love.

This update delivers:

  • New $4.99 monthly pricing and an $49.99 annual subscription
  • One subscription that connects you to 10 PC and Mac computers
  • Support for 11 different languages (in addition to English and German, Parallels Access now supports Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese)
  • Windows PCs supported as remote computers (out of beta)
  • Single-port connection allowing you to connect from any network (even restrictive corporate ones)
  • Seamless updates on your remote computers to keep access to your computers working smoothly. 

And you also get more flexibility to use Parallels Access when and where you need it. 

Choose the monthly subscription for $4.99, or save some cash and purchase a one-year subscription– now just $49.99.

Enjoy the freedom of leaving the house with just your iPad, knowing that you can connect to any of your PC and Mac computers – up to 10 of them! -- to get work done, quickly. Parallels Access frees you up, letting you connect to all the Windows and Mac apps on those computers from just one account. Get out of the office and stay productive!

Don’t be shy, download the newest version of Parallels Access on the Parallels Siteand take advantage of our 14-day free trial for new customers.Or, you can download the app on the iTunes Store.