Are You Ready for OS X Yosemite?

OS X Yosemite may be one of the most anticipated releases in the OS X series. For the first time ever, Apple opened up a public beta so that we could all get a taste of what’s coming. And if you’re like us, you can’t wait.

For those who aren’t the beta tester type but want to be sure you’re ready for Yosemite, our friends over at MacPaw have a terrific checklist of everything you need to do to be sure that you’re ready.

To start, here’s a quick look at all of the hardware that will be able to run Yosemite.

(Image courtesy of MacPaw)

For the full checklist, head on over to MacPaw.

And of course, Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac will be fully compatible with Yosemite – we’re even working on some cool integration and bringing some of the cool Yosemite features to Windows apps. Stay tuned for more!

Developers rejoice! Microsoft and Parallels partner to deliver Windows & Internet Explorer test environments.

We know that many of our customers are developers – creating very cool apps and websites. And we know how quickly a text matrix can grow out of control. It can be a full time job just maintaining all of the different configurations you need to test on!

That’s one place virtualization can really save you time. You can easily set up multiple virtual machines to account for the environments you need to test in. And using Rollback Mode (formerly Undo disks) you can have a pristine test environment every time you boot a virtual machine.

Now, we’ve partnered with the Modern.IE team at Microsoft to make testing with Internet Explorer even easier.  Right from our New VM Wizard you can download and install pre-configured 90 day trials of Windows and Internet Explorer.

Just select the combo of Windows and IE that you need and we’ll create a virtual machine for you. Check out this video to see how easy it is (Modern.IE section starts at 4:15).

How many virtual machines do you use for your testing?

First in line for the Bigger than bigger!

Well I had to do it, after getting up on September 12th at 3:00am for the Apple pre-order, and having no success in getting one ordered, I was left with only one option.   I was faced with having to wait in line on launch day, and pray I could get an iPhone 6 Plus.   So without hesitation, I went back to our blog post on iPhone line survival, and perused those handy tips to create my waiting in line check list.

It' was a balmy 39 degrees out that night!

It' was a balmy 39 degrees out that night!

Between the media frenzy and everything I had read online, I knew that this launch was going to be epic in scale.  Heck it might even eclipse the original iPhone launch!  (Just to put it in perspective, I waited 9 hours for the first iPhone).   To make sure I was best prepared I stopped in my local Apple store on Wednesday September 17th, to get any inside scoops from Apple employees.  While I was not expecting much I did glean one key piece of data, the local mall would not allow a line to form until 6:30pm the night before the launch.  

So with my check list in hand, I showed up at the local mall at 6:09pm with lawn chair, fully charged iPhone 5S, iPad Air, Sleeping Bag, winter hat, gloves, and a thermos full of hot cider.   You see, I live in the North East in NY, and the weather forecast was for a balmy 39 degrees that night.   As luck would have it, I ended up being first in line, and  after waiting 14 hours, I had my reservation for my Space Gray 128GB iPhone 6 Plus.

At 8am, I was promptly greeted by excited Apple employees who walked me first into the store with the local news stations filming me as I walked in.  I have to say, being an Apple Enthusiast and dedicated launch day guy for this stuff, it was a first, and very exciting.

So why the iPhone 6 Plus?  Many of my friends asked and honestly for me it came down to two very tangible things; screen size and battery performance.  Having a 5.5 inch screen will allow me to see more of content when surfing the web and reading, but even more important to me was being able to see more in my productivity apps when I’m remotely accessing them via Parallels Access.

iPhone 6 Plus, running Parallels Access with MS Office 2013

iPhone 6 Plus, running Parallels Access with MS Office 2013

Having the larger screen really makes apps like this much more usable on a phone, and more like my iPad so that I can complete tasks faster on the iPhone 6 Plus.  Being able to work on content for blog posts within MS Word and retrieve information stored on our corporate network is critical to me. Having the larger screen means I can carry just once device, and with the huge battery in the iPhone 6 Plus, I’m no longer a “wall hugger” as Samsung puts it.

If you’ve not tried Parallels Access yet, for me it’s become my must have productivity app and has saved me countless times while out of the office.   You can download a free trial of the software here, and Parallels Access is available for both IOS and Android devices.  If you did manage to get one of the 10 million iPhone 6 or 6 Plus’s last weekend we would love to hear your story!

The Line of Least Resistance: Waiting Doesn’t Have to be the Hardest Part

When it comes to lining up for the next iPhone, the most passionate Apple fans among us have more than a few stories to tell. For the more seasoned users, it’s practically considered a rite of passage to have multiple tours of duty under their belt.

But even for the most seasoned Apple fans, balancing the waiting with productivity can be a challenge. Getting busted for calling in sick when your boss sees you on the news is a rookie mistake.

Ahead of its September 19th availability, here are some tried and true tips for how to tackle the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus line in style.

Take the Power Back:

Make sure you have plenty of power for your idevices by bringing an external charger that will charge more than one device multiple times. A device such as the RAVPower Xtreme 23000 mAh 3-Port Portable should do the trick! If you’re looking at a multi-day campout, consider a reliable solar-powered device charger.

Creature Comforts Go a Long Way:

Make sure you bring a portable folding chair to keep you off of the ground for those extended wait times, along with plenty of water and snacks. Consider a blanket if you’re on the east coast or planning on spending the night outside. You’ll know you’re getting carried away if you start to instinctively reach for that can of bear spray.

A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed:

If you’re planning on using the bathroom, you may want to consider bringing a friend. Even a one-man wolfpack needs to face the call of nature, and an empty folding chair doesn’t necessarily guarantee your spot in line. If you can’t bring a friend, it should be relatively easy to befriend everyone in line around you.

Why Take a Vacation Day When You Can Work Remotely:  

To make sure you can still get your work done while waiting, we recommend you bring both your iPhone and your iPad. Use your smart phone to log into your company’s IM solution (be it Lync, Skype or whatever platform your team uses) and use your tablet to perform heavy work load duties such as MS Outlook, GoogleDocs, and MS PowerPoint.

Expect the Unexpected:

No matter how far ahead you prepare, chances are you’ll need to access files on your desktop PC back at the office. Fear not – you can use Parallels Access to quickly and easily reach any file on any device. You can download a free trial at

Before you get in line, there is still one more day for our fans and followers to enter to win an iPhone 6 and a Parallels Access subscription! To enter the Front of the Line contest, simply snap a picture of your personalized Apple device and share it with us on Facebook, then leverage those social networks to get your friends and family to vote for you. The contest ends on Thursday, September 18th, so now’s your chance to enter!

Good luck, and stay tuned! You may be the lucky winner…

Front of the Line: Enter to Win an Apple iPhone 6 with a Parallels Access Subscription!

With Tuesday’s big reveal now behind us, we know which iPhone 6 rumors were true and which were off-base. Fuelled by Apple’s main event, anticipation for the iPhone 6 – and 6 Plus – continues to reach even greater heights. New units are expected to hit Apple Stores worldwide on the 19th, but lines began forming a week ago, a full five days before consumers even knew what to expect. Global demand will be staggering – together, the two devices are expected to boost China’s exports by 1%.

We’ll let that sink in for a moment…

The Apple Store on 57th and 5th Ave in NYC on September 3, six days before the iPhone 6 was revealed… 

The Apple Store on 57th and 5th Ave in NYC on September 3, six days before the iPhone 6 was revealed… 

Before you pack up your camping gear and have Siri direct you to the nearest Apple store, Parallels is giving our fans and followers the chance to win an iPhone 6 with a Parallels Access Subscription. How, you ask? Simple. Just by being yourselves. 

Show us how you personalize your Apple devices. Is your MacBook a personal shrine to Air Jordan? Does your iPhone have a reputation for being a conversation starter (or does it have the opposite effect)? Snap a picture and share it with us on Facebook for your chance to win an iPhone 6!


Once you’ve submitted your picture, it’s time to vote! You can only vote once, so be sure to tap into that vast social network of yours. Don't waste any time and enter before our contest end date, which is Thursday, September 18, 2014. 

We’ve partnered with G Style Magazine to sweeten the deal, and they will be giving away Parallels Access subscriptions and Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac licenses! Free trials for both are available for download at and