Top 6 Benefits of Using Apple Boot Camp for Desktop Virtualization – Part 2

At Parallels, we're about saving developers time. This means helping individuals get through monotonous and time-consuming tasks as soon as possible. That way, they can spend their time doing worthwhile tasks to better whatever they may be working on.

This is the second part of our series of posts about the benefits of using Apple Boot Camp.

To refresh your memory, check out the first two benefits of Apple Boot Camp.

Boot Camp fact #3: No Mac distractions

A benefit and a "cost"

When you use Windows in Boot Camp, you will be shutting down the Mac OS and rebooting your Mac into Windows. Thus, you won't be bothered by IMs, meeting notifications, email alerts, etc. Your Mac OS environment isn't running, so none of these interruptions can even happen.

This can be a blessing or a curse.

If you are settling into Windows for a nice, long game session with a Windows-only game, this can be a blessing. But if you need to watch for a note from your boss, or a reminder of an important tele-conference, this can be be a significant curse. (And, I'm not even talking about the rebooting time — that is fact #5 below.)

Headline: Boot Camp fact #4: (IT admins only) Deployment

Primarily a "cost"

Suppose you are an IT admin in your company. Setting up Boot Camp for one Mac might take you two hours or so.

But if you need to do this for 20 or 30 Macs, it will take you a boatload of time, since there are no tools to setup Boot Camp and install Windows in Boot Camp for a whole group of Macs. You will need to actually touch each Mac, individually download the specific set of Windows drivers needed for that one Mac, partition the drive — hoping that Boot Camp Assistant will be able to find the needed contiguous space (see fact #2 above) — and then install Windows.

Of course, after everything is set up for both the Mac side and the Windows side of these Macs, you will be able to use IT administration tools, but you manually set everything up first.

Boot Camp fact #5: Rebooting takes time— a lot of time

Primarily a "cost"

As mentioned in fact #3 in this series’ first blog post, to use Windows in Boot Camp, you have to shut down the Mac OS and then re-boot into Windows. This takes a while.

Now, if you only need to do this once a week so that you can play a particular Windows only-game for an hour or two on the weekend, this re-booting is not such a big deal. But, if you need to do it several time a day at work, this can become a real productivity killer. So much so, that you will probably ask yourself

"Do I really need to do this particular task right now? Is it worth the re-boot time?"

 Boot Camp fact #6: Performance

For almost all users, primarily a myth

But you need all of the Mac's hardware capabilities to run at full speed, so you have to use Boot Camp, right?

No, not right.

With only a very few exceptions, you will have all the processing power and speed you need by using a virtualization solution like Parallels Desktop. The days when a virtualization solution ran slowly are gone.

Earth Day: Slash your e-waste stash with Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac and InterConnection

In case your Facebook feed hasn’t alerted you yet, today is Earth Day. Don’t worry; if you haven’t considered what actions you can take today to green your city, there’s still time. And we have one easy way you can do your part: Give your e-waste new life.

Take a mental audit of your personal hardware collection. Are you regularly enjoying a Mac but keeping one (or more) PCs tucked away just in case you need to access old Windows applications or files one day? News flash: There’s no need to hoard! Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac makes it simple to move your entire PC to your Mac so you have all of your Windows software and files available to use on your Mac and you can recycle your old PC. Parallels Desktop lets you seamlessly run your Windows and Mac OS X applications simultaneously without rebooting. After you’ve moved your PC to your Mac you can de-clutter your home and do a good deed by donating your old PC to someone in need. 

Your e-waste is someone else’s treasure, thanks to InterConnection.

We highly recommend donating your used computer to our friends at InterConnection – a national nonprofit company based in Seattle that makes information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities by providing high-quality refurbished computers to nonprofits and low income people in need of technology. In addition to being the best option for the environment and communities around the world, donating your reusable technology could also result in tax-deductions. 

Learn how donating your old laptop can change lives around the world and how to donate your laptop by mail. InterConnection provides refurbished computers and laptops to schools, low income, and non profits around the world.

If you’re ready to give, here’s what you need to know: 

Pacific Northwest residents: 

  • •    InterConnection and Microsoft are teaming up to host a one-day reuse and recycling event at the Microsoft campus in honor of Earth Day. If you’re in the Seattle-area and ready to offload some un-needed hardware today, here are all of the details.
  • •    Need more time? No problem! Drop your tech off at one of 12 local donation centers or schedule a free pickup for your business. 

U.S. residents

  • •    Anyone in the U.S. can donate a laptop or smartphone to InterConnection. If your items are less than 7-years-old, capable of booting up and do not have broken screens, request a prepaid mailing slip here

Businesses nationwide with 15 or more reusable desktops can also schedule a free pickup.

Have questions about using Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac and InterConnect to do your part this Earth Day? Let us know in the comments!

Google Glasses for the Masses!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that today, for the first time, Google is opening sales of Google Glass to any adult in the United States. The sale will last for one day only, supplies are limited, and in true sale fashion Google is throwing in a pair of frames or sunglasses for anyone willing to fork over the $1,500 asking price.

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