Lessons From the iPhone 6 Rumors: Users want durability, ‘meh’ on larger size

In the lead-up to the launch of the iPhone 6, the rumor mill is back in full swing. It’s a familiar cycle that we’ve all come to expect ahead of new iPhone releases. Apple fans love to speculate – why wait for a drunk designer to leave a prototype behind at a bar when you can listen to a hot tip from a blogger claiming to have an inside line to a rogue Apple employee?

 Parallels took a look at the most discussed potential new features that have been driving speculation on Twitter over the past month. The resulting snapshot provides a rough sentiment analysis across the most anticipated and talked about iPhone 6 rumors. While we can’t confirm the truth about any of these potential new features, we have a rough idea of how people feel about them. 

iPhone 6 Speculation, Crowd Sourced

iPhone 6 Speculation, Crowd Sourced

Based on the data we compiled from social conversations, iPhone users are hungry for durability features. The “unscratchable” (and apparently much more crack-resistant) sapphire screen rumor drove the most conversation by far, but the extended battery life feature was also much-discussed.

From there, conversations around the faster and more efficient A8 chip, infrared camera, and slimmer, redesigned power and volume buttons garnered a lot of attention.

 Surprisingly, the biggest and most obvious physical change – a larger, redesigned form factor with two size options – didn’t seem to get iPhone fanatics as excited as we might have predicted. Allegedly, the iPhone 6 will be available in either a 4.7” or a 5.5” size. The jury’s still out on whether we could feasibly call a 5.5” iPhone a phablet (or an iPhablet?), but we ran a poll on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, and our fans were more interested in getting their hands on the 4.7” model. 

Concept design of the iPhone 6

Concept design of the iPhone 6

As you can see, the 6 is expected to be noticeably thinner, curvier and larger than past models. Still, the new durability features seem to be generating more conversation on Twitter.

 We’re interested in hearing from Parallels fans. What potential new feature has you most excited to line up outside an Apple store when the iPhone 6 becomes available? Take our poll on Facebook today and compare your vote with fellow fans before the official iPhone 6 announcement.

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