Parallels Desktop 7 vs Fusion 4: Full Screen Application Mode

Among Apple OS X Lion's many features is the ability to run applications in full screen mode to eliminate all of the distractions associated with having multiple windows open at once. As Skeeter notes in his video, Parallels and VMware differ in their compatibility. 

For both Parallels and VMware both applications have incorporated the new Full Screen Application mode supported in OSX Lion,  however VMware has not implemented this mode of operation fully. When you go into full screen mode in VMware the windows zooms to full screen, however the Apple menu at the top of the screen and the OSX Dock will still be visible. However when running Parallels Desktop 7, they have taken extra steps in the interface so that windows applications truly run in full screen mode like their Mac counterparts.

Through these types of enhancements Parallels continues to show its leadership in the virtualization space and maturity in their most recent release.   The video below will show you explicitly how the two operate in OS X Lion Full Screen Application mode.

In short, Parallels Desktop 7 offers true full screen integration. For additional comparison videos or to enter Skeeter's free iPad 2 giveaway, check out Skeeter's official YouTube page.