This Weeks #AppleChat: The Battle for App Store Supremacy

Recently Apple announced that the Mac App Store, released for Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion users in January, has reached 100 million application downloads. As mentioned by Cnet's Don Reisinger, this success has led Apple to call the Mac App Store the, "fastest growing PC software store in the world". Additionally, Apple announced in October that their Mobile App store had eclipsed 18 billion downloads.  With that being said, Google recently announced that the Android Marketplace has surpassed 10 billion downloads, with 1 billion apps being downloaded monthly. With Samsung's Android phones currently outselling the iPhone as of October, is it merely a matter of time before Google surpasses Apple in application downloads? Or does Apple have another trick up their sleeve to stay on top of App Mountain. Join us and share your thoughts on this battle and other Apple related discussion, Wednesday December 14th, at 11am PT.




Here are a few questions we will discuss in this week’s #AppleChat:



1. Do you believe Android's Marketplace will pass Apple's Mobile/Mac Store in downloads? 

2. How do you think Apple's stringent approach to app development affects downloads vs Google's open source process?

3. What apps would you like to see produced in the future?

4. What innovation/approach would allow one competitor to pull away from the other?


WHEN: Every Other Wednesday from 11am-12pm PST.

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