“Synco” de Mayo: How to Sync Your iPhone with Outlook

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re probably used to having access to all of your resources on the go and with constantly shifting schedules, it’s especially vital to keep an up-to-date calendar within arm’s reach. Unfortunately, starting today Outlook for Mac/ Entourage users will no longer have the option to wirelessly sync their calendar with their iPhone. The good news is that iPhone users can still sync wirelessly using Outlook for Windows and for a limited time, you can buy Office 2010 for Windows + Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac for $20 off.

A bit of background…

When Office for Mac 2011 was released last October, iPhone users could only sync their contacts. An update to sync calendar, notes, and tasks was released by Microsoft last month, however at that time Apple’s MobileMe discontinued support of Sync Services, the platform used by Office for calendar syncing. As a result, the only way to sync Office and the iPhone was physically connecting the device and syncing via iTunes. Recently, Apple released MobileMe for Windows control panel, allowing Outlook for Windows users to wirelessly sync their iPhone calendar. Outlook for Mac has no such solution.

Okay, so what changed? Calendar synching to the iPhone worked for me in the past…
As of today (5/5), Apple has completely stopped supporting Sync Services for MobileMe, which broke the synching solution between iPhone and Entourage/ Outlook for Mac 2011. Translation: Any syncing solution that relied on Sync Services (i.e. Entourage and Outlook for Mac 2011) will stop working. 

So how do Mac users wirelessly sync their Outlook calendars with their iPhone?
Simply use Outlook for Windows and MobileMe’s new Windows control panel using Parallels Desktop for Mac. 

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