Parallels Black Friday Special Offers


You don’t have to camp out and wait in lines for the best deals on Black Friday. Starting today, Nov. 21, through next Tues., Nov. 27thParallels Desktop 8 for Mac can be purchased for $59.99 ($20 off) and upgrades are $39.99 ($10 off, when upgrading from Parallels Desktop 7 or 6) –details are here.   


With more Mac users than ever this holiday season, what better stocking stuffer than software and accessories friends and family can use across all their favorite Apple devices? Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac is the best-selling solution for running Windows apps and Mac apps side-by-side on a Mac without rebooting.  And the Parallels Mobile App works with Parallels Desktop to let Mac users access and run everything their Mac, including Windows and all of their applications from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Wondering how the loved one in your life could benefit from Parallels Desktop for Mac? Check this out.



  • For the family: Surprising the family with a brand new Mac? Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac can simply move your entire PC to your Mac and eliminate the need to purchase new copies of Windows software you already own.


  • For college students: Cramming for multiple projects and tests is stressful? Don’t let incompatible software slow you down! With Windows on your Mac, you’ll never need to chase down a friend or computer lab with a PC to run Windows-only files or software to meet your deadline. 


  • For the professional: With Parallels Desktop giving you seamless access to the office VPN and Microsoft Office programs like Quicken, now you can use the Mac you love for both work and play.


  • For gamers: Many games are still PC only, but Parallels Desktop gives Mac users access to Windows-only games without the hassle—and with Parallels’ support of Apple’s Retina display, Windows-only games have never looked better!


From now until November 27th, you can take advantage of the lowest price ever for Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. Now is the time to save some dough and get into the spirit of giving. Don’t worry, if you’re buying for yourself, we won’t tell. 


Find out more about Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac here and take advantage of the sweet discount before it's gone!