Parallels Customer Quote of the Week (11/9)


Happy Friday folks! Welcome to a crisp Fall edition of the Parallels Customer Quote of the Week. Today’s story comes to us from another loyal Parallels Desktop User and student, who’s able to switch back and forth from Mac to Windows with ease, making web development projects easier as a result of installing Parallels Desktop for Mac:

“As a student of web development, I need an easy solution to switch back and forth from Mac and Windows. This works great! I was even able to download a preview of Windows 8 from Parallels, so I didn't need to buy Windows right away. EASY problems. Website provided all of the information I needed to be successful and enjoy the product. Totally worth the money.”

We really appreciate feedback like this from our customers as it allows us to continue to improve our products, while providing effective solutions for our customers. If you own a Mac and still haven’t tried Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, we invite you to download a free 14 day trial. If you’re already a user of Parallels Desktop 8, we would love to hear from you! Please share your story with us, by clicking on the button below:




We hope you have a great weekend!