This Week's #AppleChat: iPad 3 – The What, How, and When…

The iPad 3 rumor mill is heating up with Bloomberg and CNET both speculating on a potential March release date. Additionally, both sources are reporting that the upcoming tablet, "will sport a high-definition screen, run a faster processor, and work with next-generation (LTE) wireless networks". As tablet technology continues to evolve, it is also being integrated deeper within the workplace and our daily lives. Will the iPad 3 allow the tablet industry to turn the corner from content consumption to content creation, or will we continue to rely heavily on desktops and laptops? Join us to share your thoughts about the iPad 3, tablet industry, and a good time, Wednesday February 15th at 11am PT.





Here are a few questions we will discuss in this week’s #AppleChat:


1. What new features do you think will be include in the upcoming iPad 3?

2. What features do you wish would be included in the iPad 3? Get creative!

3. How can Apple improve their tablet for enterprise/business use?

4. Are tablets now ready to be considered suitable for content creation as well as consumption? 


WHEN: Every Other Wednesday from 11am-12pm PST.

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