A “Resolutionary” New Parallels Mobile App!


Today we are releasing an update for the Parallels Mobile app specifically designed to take advantage of the new iPad’s cutting edge features, including the brilliantly sharp Retina Display. Available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, the Parallels Mobile app allows users to remotely access and run their Macs and all of the operating systems, applications, and files they need, right from their iOS mobile device. Previously unavailable activities like printing, viewing Flash-based websites, and using the full capabilities of Windows-based apps like Outlook and Quicken, are now simple and, even more stunning with Parallels Mobile!


The Parallels Mobile app puts the power of your Mac on your iPad (Photo Lanny Rosicky)


What’s New in the Updated Parallels Mobile App:

- A re-created high-resolution user interface displays icons in high-resolution 264 ppi, making them as brilliantly sharp as the new iPad Retina Display.

The iPad Retina Display is 1024x786 (up to 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution, or 264 ppi), meaning operating systems, applications, files and images on the remote Mac and its virtual machines are more radiant than ever.


- An improved login experience:

Connect your registered copy of Parallels Desktop to the Parallels Mobile server on your Mac.

1. Go to your Mac and open Parallels Desktop.

2. Choose Preferences from the Parallels Desktop menu.

3. In the Preferences window, click the Mobile tab.

4. Enter the email and password you used to register Parallels Desktop, and click Login.


Once Parallels Desktop is connected to the Parallels Mobile server, go to your mobile device and login to Parallels Mobile to access your Mac and its Windows or other operating systems.

1. Download and install Parallels Mobile on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, then login to your Parallels account with your email address and password which you created while registering Parallels Desktop for Mac.

2.  Your Mac(s) with Parallels Desktop for Mac and their Windows and/or other virtual machines will be displayed. Select the Mac you would like to connect to.

3. You will see a list of available logins with their respective images just like you see them on your Mac login screen.

4. Login to your Mac choosing one of the logins above and your mobile device can now store your Mac login so you don’t have to re-enter it every time you access it via Parallels Mobile.


- International keyboard support for the Mac host and its Windows virtual machines in all languages supported by Apple’s iOS.


What People are Saying about the Parallels Mobile App:

“Running GR2AE on MBP through Parallels. Use Parallels mobile app to remotely control MBP from iPad2. Works remarkably well.” – Patrick Marsh 


“Loving how I can remote into my mac from my iphone via parallels mobile... so worth the $5 for the app (and the price of parallels desktop!)” - Sean Corfield


“Wow. I just bought the @ParallelsMac mobile app. What a great way to connect virtual machines. It's a no-brainer setup.” - @firefly911


“Love how I can sit on the sofa and use the @ParallelsMac mobile app to update win7 on the mac book pro” - John P Atkinson


“Installed Parallels, and Parallels Mobile on my mobile devices. Just the development solution I was looking for. Kudos to @parallelsmac!” – Saurav Shrestha

 Where to Get the Parallels Mobile App:

If you’re looking to check out the updated Parallels Mobile app, visit the Parallels Mobile product page or check it out in the iTunes App store!

Looking For More Information?

Check out this live demonstration of the Parallels Mobile app on the new iPad


If you’re looking for more information about the Parallels Mobile app, make sure to check out this comprehensive review by TechRepublic and the Parallels Mobile User Guide.


Congratulations to our winner, @MikeBeas. This contest is now over. Thanks for entering! 


A Parallels Mobile Giveaway!

We’re so excited to share this experience that we will be giving away the new iPad (3rd generation) with a copy of Parallels Desktop 7 and the Parallels Mobile app! You can enter by clicking the Twitter button below, between 5/2 – 5/6, for a chance to win. U.S. residents only. No purchase necessary.