Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac – Upgrades Available Today!

The #1 choice of Mac users for running Windows applications on Mac for more than seven years just got even better! 

This release is centered on things many of you told us you care most about:

  • Indispensable conveniences. It’s what you expect from Parallels Desktop, where things "just work." This time, we brought Power Nap and the Dictionary gesture to Windows applications.
  • Performance.  We continue to push the envelope for industry-leading performance.
  • Cloud.  We know your stuff lives everywhere, not just on your hard drive. So we’ve made it easy to work with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive -- from either your Mac or your Windows virtual machine --  without duplicating files locally!
  • Peace of mind. We’re keeping pace with the ever-evolving Mac and Windows. Want to use OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1? They’ll work with Parallels Desktop 9!

Check out this video highlighting some of our favorite new features and click here to read more.

We’re psyched about the new version, but we know you want to hear from others, too. Here's what one of our beta testers shared:

PD9beta-JeffN for 082913.PNG

Starting September 5, full license versions for new customers and special editions (Student Edition, Business Pack, etc.) will be available online and at retail locations worldwide.

And one more – important! -- thing:

Want more out of your iPad? So did we! Busy people like you inspired us to create the ultimate way to use your Windows and Mac applications from an iPad, like they were made for the iPad. Parallels Access is an app for iPad that’s truly breakthrough and super-cool (though we know we're biased). Check out what Walt Mossberg at The Wall Street Journal wrote.

If you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 9 now, you’ll receive a complimentary six-month subscription to Parallels Access (a $39.99 value). We hope you'll enjoy them both, and let us know what you love most about running Windows on your Mac and getting more done on-the-go with just your iPad in-hand!