Parallels Enterprise Team Boldly Goes to the Midwest Management Summit

Check out this cool pic of our Parallels Enterprise team boarding the USS "Enterprise" for an exhilarating ride through the galaxy of Mac management last week at the Midwest Management Summit! 

Boldly going where no Parallels team has gone before!

Boldly going where no Parallels team has gone before!

We met with hundreds of Microsoft System Center users to find out how they are currently managing the Macs in their networks. Now safely back at home, we’re ready to help more companies support and manage their Mac desktop and laptops right alongside PCs. 

Same time, same place next year...and remember, live long and prosper!

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Parallels Access at the ME Awards

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.
— James Allen

We're very pleased and grateful to announce that Parallels Access has been nominated for Best Enterprise App at the 2014 ME Awards in London! 

It's an honor to be recognized with a nomination for such a prestigious award. As always, any recognition we or any of our products receive is just a bonus on top of our customer's satisfaction. Thank you, ME Awards!

We're sad that we can't attend the awards tonight in London, but we wish the best of luck to all nominees, and an early congrats to the winners.

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Cool Cameras Headed Into Space + Your Chance to Win One

Here at Parallels, we get to support IT managers who work for amazing companies. IT managers who support the engineers, scientists and all around brainiacs doing really cool stuff in lots of different industries. Let’s face ita great IT team is the wind beneath the wings of the folks who can imagine great things but can’t tell a Firewire connector from Thunderbolt.

Two of our customers, Lytro and NASA, are teaming up to take some amazing photography technology and put it into space probes. Yes, really.

In 2012, Lytro released the first Light Field Camera. It’s super cool. You can take a picture AFTER it has been taken, change the perspective, and interactively refocus and change the image on line. The first time I played with their online demo, I was mesmerized for about 45 minutes. 

Behind the scenes, Adam Kostrzak is their stalwart IT Director, making sure that their team is functioning at peak performance. He recently talked to us about why he uses Parallels Desktop Enterprise Edition.

The same year, NASA was celebrating the fact that Curiosity had landed on Mars. And to many people’s surprise, they use a LOT of MacBook Pros. And they use Parallels Desktop on them. 

So here’s a big shout to the IT teams who make it possible to go where no man has gone before, in so many ways!

If you happen to be attending the Midwest Management Summit in Minneapolis this week, come by and see us! We’re proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the show, and we’re going to be giving away a Lytro camera! Come and brag to us about what you and your company are up to.

Keep IT in control of your virtual machines with Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition. Learn more today! 

Webinar: Wrangling Your Enterprise Macintosh Herd

11/11 is Parallels day! This means it’s time to take a look at your network and finally deal with your Mac environment. Join the Parallels team along with Windows IT contributor and Mac expert, Mel Beckman for our next webinar, “Wrangling Your Enterprise Macintosh Herd”.

Countless industry studies have shown the rate of adoption for Apple products in the enterprise continuing to grow significantly, and that should only accelerate under Apple’s partnership with IBM. Parallels has solutions to help IT pros manage this. 

Learn more about Parallels Solutions for business, including Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition and Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM. Or, contact our commercial sales team at with any questions you may have regarding Apple in the Enterprise.

Join Us!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
2:00 PM EST

What you will learn:

  • How to easily discover and enroll your Macs into the SCCM configuration Manager
  • How to manage your Macs like your PCs with a single pane of glass
  • How to deploy Operating Systems and applications to Macs.  View HD/SW inventory and reports
  • How our Application Portal allows Mac users controlled access to corporate applications

It’s time to get your Macs under control!

Midwest Management Summit 2014

Parallels is proud to show its support for the Microsoft SCCM community as a Gold Sponsor of the Midwest Management Summit (MMS) taking place next week in Minnesota.  This conference is organized by the Minnesota System Center User Group and other members of the user group community.

To find out a little more about Parallels Business Solutions and our presentation, "How to Control and Manage Macs Using Your Existing Microsoft SCCM Infrastructure", check out the short video interview with Yury Averkiev, Parallels Program Manager and Carlos Capo, Enterprise Sales Executive, below, as they chat with Lee Borg in preparation for the event:

We’re looking forward to meeting all the Midwest System Center User Group members!