How Will the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Impact BYOD Policy and Enterprise Users?




This week has been dominated by iPhone 5 buzz. Reviews of Apple's newest version of the industry leading smartphone have been overwhelmingly positive, in stark contrast to the journalists lukewarm reception. Following the big announcement last week, Apple's stock hit a new high, placing the company with a valuation of $700B. A significant part of the success of the iPhone and Apple's success overall in the last few years has been the BYOD policies adopted by companies large and small around the world. You've probably already read about the new features of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 but which of those features will be of most value to the enterprise / BYOD user? Let's take a look!


Size and Speed


The iPhone 5's most significant and noticeable change is the size. Now at 4", the larger screen size will allow for more text to be displayed, making viewing your inbox or documents a little bit easier. For the first time, the iPhone will be able to connect to LTE networks and provide faster data connections. Siri, Safari, Mail and any other application that requires a network connection will be much faster on LTE than on 3G, in some cases even faster than WiFi. The faster connection speed will make it quicker to download that large spreasheet, presentation or video file as well. SAP CIO, Oliver Bussmann is very excited about LTE coming to the iPhone. In a recent interview he stated "Business runs today in real time, and workers want to do things fast, so from that perspective, the iPhone 5's LTE can provide that real-time capability". 


iOS 6


Although these changes will certainly benefit the enterprise user, iOS 6 provides the most impactful changes for everyone using their iPhone for work. Here are some key enterprise features: 







Apple already has a huge lead in enterprise BYOD adoption rates and the new iPhone 5 should help maintain that lead. Improvements in speed, size, security and software will definitely make both end users and IT support staff happy. If you already participate in BYOD at work, take a moment to fill out our Apple in the Workplace survey and tell us about your experience!