News Round-Up 9/22/2012: Apple Dives Deeper in the Enterprise, iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Enterprise Features, iPhone Security Improvements


iPhone now as secure as BlackBerry, say tech chiefs 

IT leaders and industry experts believe that Apple now roughly matches RIM on mobile security, removing BlackBerry’s last remaining advantage over the iPhone in enterprise.


Employees Are the iPad’s Best Friend in the Office 

In the battle for tablet supremacy, enterprise is a new front with significant open ground. But here, as in the consumer space, Apple’s iPad has an early and very strong lead.


iPhone 5 To Help Apple Push Deeper Into the Enterprise? 

The iPhone 5 offers users another step up the smartphone power ladder, while iOS 6.0 is another chance for Apple to win enterprises over. Will these steps forward add to the weight of users banging at the corporate door with their own devices?


How Will the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Impact BYOD Policy and Enterprise Users? 

You've probably already read about the new features of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 but which of those features will be of most value to the enterprise / BYOD user?


iOS 6 Device Management: What Companies Should Know 

Apple is making it easy for businesses and IT departments to secure new iOS 6 features and is ramping up security in key way.


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