News Round-Up 1/5/13: $39 Billion in iMacs and iPads in the Next Two Years, and 4 Million iPhones in Q4 2012


Forrester Report Says Apple Will Sell $39 Billion In Macs and iPads To Businesses Over Next 2 Years         
According to the firm’s latest report, Apple will sell $7 billion worth of Macs and $11 billion in iPads to the corporate market this year. In 2014, Apple will sell $8 billion in Macs and $13 billion in iPads.


Apple May Have Sold Up To 4 Million iPhones in Q4
Benzinga reports that Trip Chowdhry, a managing director at Global Equities Research, has put out a research note estimating that Apple sold between 3 million and 4 million iPhones to businesses over the past quarter, some of whom have switched over from BlackBerry.

Developers begin seeing new Apple iPhone hardware and iOS 7 in usage logs
Currently under development, traces of Apple’s new iPhone and iOS software have begun surfacing in app usage logs. Developers have contacted The Next Web to share references to a new iPhone identifier and the next big operating system update for the smartphone and tablet devices: iOS 7.


Apple's iPad kills the netbook; will MacBook Air devour notebooks next?                    
Apple and its iPad have destroyed the netbook industry with Acer and Asus ending production of the things. It's an inflection point as we enter the Post-PC age -- now get ready for next-gen MacBooks to devour what's left.

BYOD frees up time for CIOs to get down to business    

When Paul Caris, CIO at global law firm Eversheds, decided to equip the firm’s lawyers with iPads, he met with a lot of resistance. “If I had listened to anybody along the way I wouldn’t have done it,” he reveals. “My own team was trying to tell me it was a folly. They were rolling out the usual excuses about security and supportability.” Undeterred, Caris initially piloted 15 iPads, then added more and more.


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