Do IT Managers in Analyst Firms Walk the Walk, or Just Talk the Talk on BYOD?

the Results of Our Mini Survey Might Surprise You

Guest blog by Eugenio Ferrante, Head of Marketing Operations, APAC


A forecast by Gartner in May 2013 indicated that about half of the world’s enterprises will adopt bring your own device (BYOD) programs by 2017. Are we on track? 

As conversations about the growth in BYOD adoption continue in the industry, we decided to conduct a quick survey. We targeted analysts based in Asia Pacific to find out where their firms stand in the BYOD scheme of things.

In our survey, we polled 40 analysts from major firms (such as IDC, Gartner, and Forrester Research): 77% of these analysts are Mac users and would like to use a Mac at work; 23% are neither Mac users nor interested in using a Mac at work.

Of those polled, 15% said their companies allow them to choose between a Mac and a Windows machine. Surprisingly, only 38% indicated that their companies have a BYOD policy that allows them to use their personal Mac computers at work. Of those whose companies allow employees to use a Mac at work, the majority (61%) said that there are between one and nine Mac units running at their organizations, while 15% estimated 10 to 25 Mac units and another 15% estimated 51–250 Mac units.

For those analysts who indicated that their firms do not have a BYOD policy, Parallels asked why they are not allowed to bring a Mac to work. All of them cited a lack of support by their IT managers; 23% also mentioned inconvenience, as they have many Windows-only applications in their workplaces.  

Overall, our results indicate that although majority of analysts polled in the Asia Pacific region prefer a Mac for personal use and are open to using a Mac system in their work environment, their employers have yet to demonstrate support for the use of Mac in the workplace, as well as implement a BYOD policy. 

He could be reading all of those books in soft copy if only he allowed iPads to be brought into the office.

He could be reading all of those books in soft copy if only he allowed iPads to be brought into the office.

While some of the analyst firms’ IT managers may share common concerns about BYOD adoption—security, management issues, incompatible IT environment, and so on—sophisticated technology abounds to address these issues. As the analysts themselves have espoused, BYOD adoption is still growing, with many of the big enterprises continuing to embrace it by allowing a mix of devices (including Mac and PCs) to coexist in their network infrastructures.

So what’s stopping some IT managers from giving BYOD a push? Why do some of them still seem to lack support for Mac systems at work? Do they need more convincing and enlightenment from their colleagues, the analysts? 

Perhaps they just need to read more of their own recent research and industry surveys—we hope this post provides a boost of motivation in that direction. From our vantage point, it looks like the perfect time to embrace Mac at the office.

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Wrangling Your Macintosh Herd

We’ve all seen the reports and studies revealing how Macs are increasing in business.  In fact, several actually show at least half of all enterprise IT departments now formally support Macintosh, and one recent Parallels and Windows IT Pro survey puts the number at over 70 percent.

However, the reality is that although most companies have centralized management in place for their PCs, the Macs are being left unmanaged, thus presenting potential vulnerabilities for their network.

We recently participated in a Windows IT Pro webinar, “Wrangling Your Macintosh Herd”, along with Macintosh expert Mel Beckman on the importance of managing Macs, offering solutions for managing Macs in Windows-centric environments.  

If you have not had time to watch the archived webinar or simply need to review information you might have missed, now you can quickly reference the information presented in this session by downloading the Executive Summary, below.

Download here!

For more information on Parallels Mac Management, contact our Business Account Team at

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Parallels Enterprise Team Boldly Goes to the Midwest Management Summit

Check out this cool pic of our Parallels Enterprise team boarding the USS "Enterprise" for an exhilarating ride through the galaxy of Mac management last week at the Midwest Management Summit! 

Boldly going where no Parallels team has gone before!

Boldly going where no Parallels team has gone before!

We met with hundreds of Microsoft System Center users to find out how they are currently managing the Macs in their networks. Now safely back at home, we’re ready to help more companies support and manage their Mac desktop and laptops right alongside PCs. 

Same time, same place next year...and remember, live long and prosper!

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Parallels Access at the ME Awards

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.
— James Allen

We're very pleased and grateful to announce that Parallels Access has been nominated for Best Enterprise App at the 2014 ME Awards in London! 

It's an honor to be recognized with a nomination for such a prestigious award. As always, any recognition we or any of our products receive is just a bonus on top of our customer's satisfaction. Thank you, ME Awards!

We're sad that we can't attend the awards tonight in London, but we wish the best of luck to all nominees, and an early congrats to the winners.

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Cool Cameras Headed Into Space + Your Chance to Win One

Here at Parallels, we get to support IT managers who work for amazing companies. IT managers who support the engineers, scientists and all around brainiacs doing really cool stuff in lots of different industries. Let’s face ita great IT team is the wind beneath the wings of the folks who can imagine great things but can’t tell a Firewire connector from Thunderbolt.

Two of our customers, Lytro and NASA, are teaming up to take some amazing photography technology and put it into space probes. Yes, really.

In 2012, Lytro released the first Light Field Camera. It’s super cool. You can take a picture AFTER it has been taken, change the perspective, and interactively refocus and change the image on line. The first time I played with their online demo, I was mesmerized for about 45 minutes. 

Behind the scenes, Adam Kostrzak is their stalwart IT Director, making sure that their team is functioning at peak performance. He recently talked to us about why he uses Parallels Desktop Enterprise Edition.

The same year, NASA was celebrating the fact that Curiosity had landed on Mars. And to many people’s surprise, they use a LOT of MacBook Pros. And they use Parallels Desktop on them. 

So here’s a big shout to the IT teams who make it possible to go where no man has gone before, in so many ways!

If you happen to be attending the Midwest Management Summit in Minneapolis this week, come by and see us! We’re proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the show, and we’re going to be giving away a Lytro camera! Come and brag to us about what you and your company are up to.

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