How to Run Windows on a Mac

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Ever wish you could run Windows on a Mac? Well, if you own a copy of one of these, you’re in luck!:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Check out our new infographic that shows how to run these versions of Windows on a Macintosh computer:

How to Run Windows on a Mac

Or, do you prefer Ubuntu, Fedora, Android, Red Hat, Chrome, other OSes or even older versions of Windows? Parallels Desktop for Mac likely has you covered. Just go to the product page and click on the System Requirements tab to learn more.

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  • Yana

    WOW! this is an awesome info graphics design! who is the author?

  • Ben

    I have been running Parallels on my Mac Pro since version 7 and now am thinking of running version 9. I have an internal drive for all data that is configured for my Mac. However, Windows cannot see the drive. In order to use a file, on the data drive, I must copy it to my desktop, then open it in Windows 7. When I am finished, I have to re-copy the file to the data drive from the desktop.

    I tried a software called "Paragon" version 9 which almost crashed the OSX operating system. Their tech support recommended installing version 10, but 9 will not install.

    Does anyone know how to configure an internal disk so that both Mac and Windows 7 can read the same disk?


    Its nice and interesting and usefull blog


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