How to avoid one of the biggest hard drive hog mistakes using Cloud Sharing

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OK, I admit it. I only recently started using Dropbox to share files with some of my colleagues. And I made a rookie mistake that gobbled up huge amounts of space on my MacBook Air’s SSD.

I work in Coherence mode, moving back and forth between applications in both Windows and Mac depending on which viewing, editing or mark-up tool I have on which operating system. It’s never caused me problems…until Dropbox.

Now, Dropbox is a perfectly lovely service that solves a lot of storage and sharing issues.  However, I inadvertently installed it on both my Mac and in my Windows VM. Didn’t think anything of it. Until I started running out of space since these shared files weren’t small. They were video files and large graphics intensive files.

Suddenly I was out of space and trying to figure out why. As many of you can probably guess, it was because every time I would sync files they were getting duplicated both on my Mac and in my virtual machine. Doh.

Now the good news – if you use Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac, we’ve optimized it to elimination this duplication so that you don’t even have to think about it. And when you run out of space, it will be because you really have that many unique files!

So if you (or a friend or colleague) use a cloud sharing service like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) you’ll want to check out Parallels Desktop 9.

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Blaire is a 22-year-old Social Media intern at Parallels and studying sociology and communication at Washington State University. She prefers tea over coffee (sorry Starbucks), always looking for the perfect Instagram shot, and you will most certainly NEVER see her wear the colors purple & gold. Go Cougs!

  • Michael Hunter

    I have deleted Parallels and VM so I can do a re-install with an external Thunderbolt drive. Can anyone give me a recommendation?

  • Bill Bennett

    It would be good to link to a tutorial or manual information showing how to share cloud services between OS X and Windows – that caption doesn’t have enough information to help.