Introducing Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac

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Today we announced Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac. For more than 8 years, we’ve been the #1 choice of Mac users for running Windows and Mac side-by-side. And over the years, what used to be plain old cool fun and “magic” has become a way of life for Mac users.

Here’s what Laura DiDio of ITIC Consulting says: “Today we are seeing a shift in consumer behavior. Users’ expectations are that they should be able to simply run any application they need regardless of operating system.”

Over the next few weeks we will post about many of the improvements and new features but here’s a teaser:

  • Open Windows documents 48% faster
  • Up to 30% longer battery life
  • The new Disk Space Wizard makes it easy to reclaim disk space

…And of course, it’s ready for OS X Yosemite!

If you’re a developer, tester or IT Pro, you can even download preconfigured Internet Explorer Test Environments right from the New Virtual Machine Wizard. They are good for 90 days of testing.

Existing customers can upgrade today by clicking here, and starting on August 26 new customers can purchase from our online store and at retailers worldwide.

Purchase Parallels Desktop 9 this month? Not to worry – you may be covered under our Technology Guarantee if you bought or registered Parallels Desktop 9 on or after August 1. If you qualify you will be sent an upgrade key automatically.

Mary is a tech industry veteran who wears many hats: marketing, communications, research, product management and more. A Seattle native, on weekends you're likely to find her at the dog park with her dog Riley.

  • Steve W

    Insane to require $49 for an upgrade on a product that hasn’t been out for 12 month

  • Jimmy G

    If we upgrade to 10, will 9 still be able to run in the event that there are compatibility issues? When upgrading from 8 to 9, it was a couple .x releases before all my Windows 7 applications worked as they should have in Coherence.

  • ask

    So, you want me pay the same money as buy a new copy to upgrade, thats coooooooooooooool

  • andre

    To keep using Parallels in Yosemite I payed $50 to upgrade from 8 to 9 on July 26 and you want me to pay again!!! I’m so mad.

  • David

    I just upgraded to V9 on July 1st this year (only 7 weeks ago) and now we have V10, so now i have to upgrade yet again at additional cost. This is same as Microsoft charging for every version. Because it was so close to the V10 release it would have been nice to have had a discount on the upcoming V10 release when i paid for V9. I had to upgrade to V9 for Mavericks and V8 before that. Support for host OS/x should be included in a mid version update like 9.1. It’s just an excuse to get more money, especially now apple provide OS/x free of charge.

  • Freddy

    It’s all about running Windows on Mac , how about running Mac on windows ?

    • Lindsay Scarpello

      Hi Freddy,

      There are both marketing and legal reasons why there is no way to run the Mac OS on a Windows PC.

      First, the marketing reason: There are literally tens of thousands of PC applications for which there is no Mac equivalent. This creates a reason for a developer like Parallels to create a solution to this problem and give these Mac users a general purpose solution for running Windows and Windows apps on a Mac.
      There are only a few Mac applications for which there is no Windows equivalent, so the market for a solution to run Mac apps on a Windows PC is pretty small.

      Second, the legal reason: The Apple end user licensing agreement (EULA) requires that the Mac OS be run only on hardware from Apple. So, even if a general purpose solution were to be developed, it could not be used or sold without violating the Mac OS EULA.

      So, there are no general purpose solutions to running the Mac OS on a Windows PC.